Servicing the Casting Industry

since 2002

A&E Cleaning and Grinding, Inc
1000 W Pelton Drive
Oak Creek, WI 53154
(414) 766-1180

About Us

In early 2002, A&E Cleaning and Grinding, Inc. was established as a modern day
manufacturing and grinding facility with a primary focus of servicing the casting industry.
Shortly after production commenced, it became evident that we were not fully utilizing
all of the resources at our disposal. At that moment, as volume began to increase, it
was obvious that a fundamental change in our operation was necessary. We decided to
streamline our grinding process by incorporating line operations to yield a continuous
flow of material and also allow for simultaneous defective product inspection.


Here at A&E Cleaning and Grinding, Inc. we strive for continual improvement by
incorporating lean manufacturing principles in order to reduce cost, achieve unmatched
efficiency, and supply the highest quality castings to our customers. This dedication to
quality and efficiency is not exclusively seen through our reputation, but also through
our ISO 9001:2015 certification. In addition to our focus on quality, we make certain
that material is tracked from its arrival to departure through lot control. By tracking and
monitoring material flow throughout the production process we are able to remain extremely
competitive while retaining the quality standards that we were founded on.